Breast mug (boobs mug) pottery clay w/ handle


  • Pottery clay breast mug (boobs mug) / tits mug with handle ~11oz
  • Breast-shaped coffee terracotta mug for boob lovers 😁
  • Exceptional authentic look
  • Internal glazing finish of earthenware pottery
  • Size ideal for coffee and tea
  • Handmade ceramic pottery clay
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Please note that this is a unique handmade product where some deviations of size, shape, and colors are allowed from what is displayed on the photo.

Product Information

Pottery clay breast coffee mug is a nice gift in the shape of a woman’s breast. This breast-shaped coffee mug is handmade pottery and an unforgettable gift for any occasion. If you are looking for a wonderful handmade boob mug in the shape of a woman’s breast, this one will be a unique romantic gift for true connoisseurs who love something of art, beauty, and refined taste.

Depending on the specific copy, the mug can hold around ~11oz (350ml) of aromatic tea or fragrant coffee. Drinking from this boobs earthenware mug means being original, appreciating the exquisite beauty, and admiring the incredible talent of masters that creates miracles.

A handmade terracotta breast coffee mug in the shape of breasts or a woman’s breast is an unsurpassed embodiment of the imagination and the real beauty of women’s charms in pottery clay. This is a challenge of everyday life and monotony. It is a pleasure to contemplate breasts and enjoy the unique taste of “breast” in your ceramic breast mug.

Your decision to buy such an exclusive product made of pottery will be 100% accurate because it is simply impossible to find a more exquisite gift for a loved one for any holiday. Everything in this unique and unique work of art is nurtured with love: the harmony and love of natural beauty and elegant design.

This handmade ceramic booby mug will be ideal for any drink, including coffee or tea. Drinking from this titties mug will definitely make your joy even more, and you’ll get inspired by the boobie mug.

If you are looking for a unique, lovely, and romantic gift, this great handmade earthenware boobs cup will be a great choice.

How is handmade earthenware pottery clay breast mug (boobs mug)?

The terracotta tits mug is made of an authentic (5) five-step ancient technique. It will serve you for many years and will delight your eyes. Learn more about the technology in the “How it’s made section?”. Both internal and external finishes are unique. The internal finish is covered by unique glazing (unique colors and tones). The external finish has cute boobs.

Enjoy everyday life with handmade pottery clay ceramics Artglina – Made in Ukraine with Love 💙💛



Random, White, Blue/Navy, Green, Orange/Yellow, Purple, Black


~11 oz

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    How it's handmade?

    Handmade technology

    For Artglina it's very important to follow the ancient handmade eco friendly production technology that leads all the products to exceptional eye-catching design and quality resulted in lifelong product use. The technology that we strictly follow for all our products leads us to natural products as close as possible to original ancient pottery and can be represented by the following (5) five major steps:

    Step Description
    #1 Products are created and dried within 2 weeks.
    #2 Firing at 960°C (1760°F) degrees for 12 hours and as a result, row clay turns into a ceramic.
    #3 Glaze firing 920°C (1688°F) - 980°C (1796°F) that take from several hours to an entire day.
    #4 Milk firing at a temperature of 300°C (572°F). The natural milk moisture evaporates and the milky fat clogs the ceramic pores. This step takes one more day.
    #5 Gnosis coating (a mixture of linseed oil + beeswax) fixes the milky layer and adds contrast to the product. This is considered the final major step that requires one more day.

    The creation of each product is a complex process the contains a number of steps and requires between 3 - 5 weeks before the product gets finished and can be sent to the customer. All the ingredients and materials that we use for the creation of products are natural and eco friendly.


    Offer types

    Type Description
    Considered a serial position. It is manual work and unique, but it's created according to well-defined patterns and is available for stock.
    Auction is an opportunity to get an item for the best price. Auctions are normally held one or a few times per month.
    Exclusive position, a unique non-serial version can be less than in one copy.


    In order for the products to remain as attractive and original as possible, we recommend to consider the following simple rules.


    In order to keep the grains in the most attractive and primordial appearance, it is recommended to unify the advancing exploitative minds:
    1. Use of dishwashers to clean the products.
    2. Keep products on an open fire.
    3. Store liquid for a long time in unglazed products.