Each of the products from the Artglina ceramics collection, emphasizes the unity with nature as the basis of the art of working with clay pottery. The inspiration for the creation of the "Sea" collection was the power of the sea element. The sea is always associated with romance, peace, and comfort. Therefore, we always want the feeling of the sea to accompany us in life in the form of decor or design products on a marine theme.
Today, the Sea collection is represented by mugs, plates, teapots, and other products reminiscent of the sea element.

Viking pottery ceramic art collection inspired by famous Scandinavian and north people. Vikings are known for their significant impact on our civilization, especially during the 8th - 11th century AD. They have been great warriors and skilled sailors. The modern TV Show "Vikings" perfectly illustrates all these facts. As a legacy, the Vikings left many legends, magic, artifacts, runes, etc. Products from the Vikings collection will help you get closer to these ancient legendary people, sailors, warriors, pioneers.

We are glad to introduce eco-friendly handmade ceramics pottery Stones collection, inspired by the power of rocks, mountains, and stones. In this section you can find several examples of Stones collection made of terracotta pottery and choose the product you like.

Other handmade ceramic pottery clay collections

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Exclusive Ukraine ceramic pottery art products from other collections that will delight your eyes every day. Such natural products include mugs, sets of dishes, dinnerware tools, accessories, etc. made of eco friendly terracotta pottery clay.

Are you looking to buy Ukraine handmade pottery art and custom eco ceramics?

It is easy to make a personal order or buy pottery eco ceramics that will be customized up to your needs. To send us a query on the custom terra cotta clay, please use the contacts listed below on the website or in the contacts section, and we will be sure to take care of you and your order by providing a passionate piece of terracotta art.

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I really enjoy tea set made of organic ceramic from Artglina. The drinks from the pottery mugs are very pleasant. Feeling that you are somewhere at grandmother's house in the village

Julia GorreCustomer

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