Oval pottery clay set of runes Elder Futhark


  • Set of runes Elder Futhark with 24 runes + 1 empty rune
  • Handmade pottery clay that represents the Element of the Earth
  • Various colors of glazing for every taste
  • Size of runes: ~1.2 Inch length (3cm), 0.9 Inch width (~2.5cm)
  • A themed pouch featuring the Yggdrasil Tree is included
Collection: Vikings Category: SKU: art-vik-run-oval_runes
Please note that this is a unique handmade product where some deviations of size, shape, and colors are allowed from what is displayed on the photo.

Product Information

Set of Elder Futhark runes made from pottery clay in an oval shape. After falling into the oven pottery clay gets properties equal to ceramic and becomes durable. Itself, pottery clay or earthenware is known for its strong magical qualities as it represents one of four Elements, the Element of Earth. Such runes made of stoneware pottery clay got special connection and extra enforcement in magical practices due to the support of the Earth Element. Also, they get natural activation by the Element of Fire after firing in the oven. In the end, you receive a beautiful handmade pottery runic set of 24 runes +1 empty rune. This Elder Futhark runic set is all set and ready to go for your magic practices, divination, or mantic.

Runes: historical note of Elder Futhark runes and meanings

The first runes date back to the 1st century. According to historians and archeologists, the Elder Futhark alphabet is over 2000 years now. This runic script was widely used in northern territories of Europe that in our days known as Scandinavian countries, Iceland, Denmark and northern territories of Germany. While it was less common, in the other territories of Europe, including countries that are known as Eastern Europe, it also got a presence there and gave roots to the local variation of runic scripts. Thus, multiple runic artifacts have been found in Ukraine and several national signs might have been based on the runes considering their shapes and equal meanings with Elder Futhark.

The most famous users of runes were Vikings, who in our days know because of their great impact on modern civilization development. Vikings used runes for scripting. They actively engraved them on bodies, weapons, and of course, runes have been essential for magic and spiritual practices.

Elder Futhark alphabet contains 24 runes, where each rune has its own unique meaning and properties. For example, the Fehu rune has strong association with wealth, money, and matter. In old times, Fehu was linked to animal farms, which used to measure wealth. The next example is the Uruz rune. Nowadays and in ancient times the Uruz is associated with power, strength, and great health. And this could be easily continued for every rune of the Elder Futhark alphabet. While we would not go into the details of every rune, now you should have the general idea.

Another thing that looks interesting is that all runes are a combination of straight lines. This could be easily explained because in old times there were no proper writing tools, and when it takes to write something on rock or wood, it’s much easier to do with straight lines rather than with curves or oval shapes.

These days, Elder Futhark runes remain actual. Even though this script is old, it becomes even more powerful as people keep using it because of their deep meaning and powerful magical abilities that found usage in magical practices, divination, mantic, and spiritual sessions.



No Glazing, Random, Blue/Navy, Green, Orange/Yellow, Red, Black

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