Sea pottery collection inspired by the power of Seas and Oceans. With each piece from the collection, Artglina emphasizes unity with nature as the basis of the art of working with clay. The inspiration for the Sea collection was the power of the sea element. We always associate the sea with romance, tranquility, and comfort. That’s why we always want the feeling of the sea to accompany us in our lives in the form of decor or marine-themed design products.

A handmade ceramic bowl from the Sea pottery collection has a unique decorative beauty combined with functional simplicity. The unique color palette of the interior decor and the exclusive exterior decor, which creates the impression of engraved shells around the wave, give the product its originality and ethnicity.

The handmade bowl “Sea” is a synergy of elegant design, exquisite decoration, and quality, which guarantees the product’s durability. It is worth emphasizing that each product from the Sea collection is authentic and made of environmentally friendly terracotta clay using ancient five-step technology.

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